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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Random post, but at least you get to know me!

1.             My real name is Jen.
2.             I absolutely love being married.
3.             My husband is my best friend.
4.             I want to be a mom more than anything in this world.
5.             If we could afford it I would love to be a stay at home wife/mom.
6.             My dogs are my fur babies. I hope I never change when it comes to them.
7.             I love my job but I would leave it in a heartbeat if the opportunity were to present itself.
8.             My parents are my absolute life.
9.             I refuse to move out of the city because I could not bear to be away from my folks.
10.         If my parents moved with me I would leave the city I live in instantly.
11.         Some people save for a new car, I put money away in order to buy one of those fancy strollers when my time comes around to be a mommy.
12.         My favorite color is red.
13.         Most people think my favorite color is pink, I really love pink but love red just a little bit more.
14.         Elephants are my favorite animals.
15.         My husband drives a mustang. I wish he drove a pick up truck or an SUV.
16.         I believe little boys should be allowed play with dolls.
17.         I believe little girls should be allowed to play with tractors and hot wheels.
18.         I am a hypochondriac.
19.         I am attached to my iphone and do most things from it.
20.         I love food but I am a picky eater.
21.         Desserts are my life, and I fear Diabetes.
22.         My nickname for my hubby is mostly Bug. He’s my lovebug.
23.         I can count my true friends with the fingers of my hand. I am ok with that.
24.         I am a procrastinator.
25.         I am afraid of a lot of things.
26.         I don’t mind getting older. I celebrate the fact that I got to live an extra year!
27.         I am very spiritual. I am eclectic when it comes to my beliefs and sometimes I borrow from different walks of life.
28.         I tend to walk-away with your pen. I don’t mean too… it just happens.
29.         I love pens.
30.         High school was NOT the happiest time in my life.
31.         I actually hate being an only child.
32.         I don’t know how to ride a bike.
33.         I don’t know how to roller skate.
34.         I have absolutely no balance.
35.         I love to dance… but I have no rhythm.
36.         I don’t have a middle name, but I wish I did.
37.         Jewelry and accessories are my life.
38.         I own too many purses.
39.         I use my FOOD pantry as a purse storage. Always have.
40.         I hate to drive, my job is to drive in the community. Catch 22.
41.         I am a friendly person but sometimes come off as overly hyper and a bit annoying.
42.         I could have cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
43.         I am afraid of birds. ALL animals with beaks actually.
44.         I am addicted to diet coke.
45.         I have two drawers full of makeup and I barely use it.

Ok so this is totally random but I figured it would be cool to share a few things about me. I'm a bit weird. Please don't judge me for what I've shared. LOL 

Have a great night! 

Mrs. Pink 

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