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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Date Nights


So a couple of weeks ago my parents randomly got out of work super early (they work at a resort and have horrible hours). I took the opportunity to ask them if they would mind watching our little guy while we got away for dinner. My parents faithfully agreed and we went to diner at one of our favorite places Texas de Brazil.

What you don't know because I fell out of the blogosphere is that I have lost 50 pounds. Well with weightless apparently comes stomach shrinkage. The food was delicious but I was full in 2.5 seconds. The night was a success though. It was so great to have a night out where we got to dress up and just be with one another.

After what seems like a never ending "season" of holidays it was fabulous to be in the quiet with the one person that completes me. The holidays for us were awesome, they were filled with get-togethers, family reunions and parties and while all of that is great it leaves everyone kinda tired. January is usually a quiet month in our household. And boy was that date night totally needed.

I wish we had a way to make those date nights more often. Unfortunately we don't really have that possibility. Shane's parents are exhausted from their demanding work or unable to lift a 30 pound toddler and my parents work crazy crazy hours. I guess for now we just have to make the most of the random dates that we DO get.

Those special nights just put into perspective how wonderful our beautiful life really is. Yes, we are busy raising the most perfect toddler in the universe but we also have each other. Yes we have super busy demanding work schedules but we still have each other. Yes, many times our social calendar will call for activities for us to do as a family but we will always have those random, beautiful, awesome and absolutely fabulous date nights with each other.

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