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Thursday, April 25, 2013

11 months!

How is my baby 11 months old? I can close my eyes and smell his newborn smell. I can picture his little 4 pound body, his long hands, his reddish hair. They say time flies with a baby but before having L I thought that was just something people use to say. Gosh they were sooooo right, time does fly.
The past 11 months have been the happiest months of my life. I know everyone says that too but they really have been. L is such a good baby. Thankfully he has been a healthy baby to. Yes, we've dealt with specialists, physical therapy, the flu, an ear infection and teething but that is nothing compared to the amounts of smiles we've had. Being a parent is the best decision we have made.
L is becoming a little man. His personality really shines through. He is all smiles all the time. He still loves to sleep in 'til noon. He is down to one nap a day (obviously since he sleeps in so much). He said Papa on Valentine's day and has attempted to say mama a few times. I was "Nene" for a bit but now he calls me something that sounds like "mum".
Liam started crawling officially today (4-25-2013) even though he has been trying for a while. I thought his scooting was crawling but today I really saw what it is to see your baby crawl! I have to say I got emotional!
Two days ago we decided to bring the pack n' play back out and we put him in it and lo and behold he started pulling up to stand. We saw him try on the crib and he kept bonking his head. I feel like if we would have brought out the pack n' play sooner he would have started pulling up sooner. I gotta say though, in two days he has perfected the sit to stand position. Now, he even bends down to pick up toys and hands them to us. Obviously we still have to work with him to make sure he does it well and doesn't get used to getting up all twisted but still, the fact that my little baby that use to be 4 pounds and was born at 33 weeks can do all that is amazing.
We bought a big ol' rug today to let L crawl. Our new house is big and comfy and although it is not dangerous it does have tile and can be slippery so we are trying to make it comfortable for our little guy. Hopefully he loves it!
I guess that's all the updates I have so far. I can't believe we are already planning L's big birthday bash. Our theme is "Big top Circus & Carnival too."
I can't wait for the rest of my life.

Until next time!
With Love,

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