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Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Recap March 1-3

Good afternoon!

This weekend was full of exciting things. Friday night we went to dinner with Judy and Richie and Chloe and Noah. It was a simple dinner but hanging out with them is always super fun. After that, we walked around Kohl's for hours... and if you know me... you know that I looooooove shopping so I really enjoyed that. I got a super dainty sideways cross little necklace and Shane got some really awesome Polo watches. At first we thought the watches were going to be just fashion watches because of the price but they turned out to be super sturdy and good quality so that was a bonus.

Saturday was pretty great too. My job started a Wellness Program and we have a special 90 day weight loss contest. Each participant pays 10 dollars and the money goes into a bucket that is collected by the person who has lost the most amount of weight. I am part of the fun committee so it was my job to help them set it all up. Anyway, the only sad part about the event is that I volunteered to take the scale and it was left behind. So now I don't have a scale and I want to cry.

After the work thing I came home to the sweetest gift from my hubby. He had set up a massage for this hotmess mama. Oh did it feel so so good. It was a weird massage, not in a bad way, but definitely not like every other massage I've had. It wasn't super strong pressure and it didn't hurt at the moment, however the next day my skin was sore. It was the weirdest thing on earth. The rest of Saturday we just hung out at home, unboxed some things from the move and then chilled out together as a family. It turned out to be a pretty great, unexpected day.

On Sunday we celebrated grandpa's birthday (my dad). We went shopping for cute outfits for grandpa and somehow we all ended up getting stuff. My dad is a generous guy. We had lunch at Charley's in the food court and dinner from the publix deli. We are fancy around here. LOL.

Overall it was a great weekend. I know that for my 3 readers a weekend recap is not much of a blog, but at the end of the year when I print my blog into a book I am really going to enjoy looking back at my weekends.

Ok for now I have to go, my little boss is asking for attention.

Talk to you soon friends.


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  1. Glad you had a good weekend! Best of luck to you in your work challenge!!!