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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fashion Diaries 1


I'm thinking of starting a few fashion related blogs. I have recently lost some weight and have really really been enjoying dressing up! Sometimes life is super busy, but I always have a second to post a few pictures up. I figure in 50 years I'll enjoy looking at these fun pictures... And that's what this blog is all about... Memories! 

So without further ado... 
Here's the first outfit! 

This outfit was super exciting to put together. I had not been able to wear that shirt since my high school years. I am not quite at my high school weight but with a cami underneath I was able to make it work! 

Pants are Charlotte rousse 
Headband is icing
Sandals are wet seal 
Cute baby is ALL MINE! 

Until next time! 
Jen :) 

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