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Monday, July 11, 2011

My Iphone Drama... for your reading pleasure.

I should start by saying that my iPhone is pretty much my life. I have been a loyal member of the apple family since the first generation of iPhones. Before I go on, I must say that this is not a paid advertisement for apple, in fact you will see that I went through some pretty frustrating moments. Don't worry... this story has a happy ending... See?

It all started with my phone giving me trouble. It went from acting funny and freezing up to not responding. I tried to deal with it as much as I could but it got to the point where I couldn't handle it anymore. Then as I was about to give up the center button (or the home button) went kaput. I had to go to the apple store and seek help.

My first experience at the apple store was quite nice. We made an appointment and waited our turn. I was one or two days from not qualifying for the warranty replacement. They were nice enough to give me a new phone but they were unable to tell me if it was a "brand new phone or a refurbished one." Turns out my first replacement (yes there were many!) was indeed a refurbished phone... and even though they say those work just as well as the new ones... I have news for you... THEY DON'T. My first replacement was defective to say the least. The ear piece was sooooo painful. Like nails on a chalkboard. Extremely loud. Unbearable.

Our second experience... was comfortable but not as great. I had my original paperwork, yet they still kinda, sorta, doubted me. They checked for water damage, they read the papers over and over again. It was almost like they didn't believe me... until they took my poor little replacement phone to "the back" and tested it themselves. Yup... that genius came back with a migraine from how loud my phone was! Sure enough, they issued me a replacement. This was phone number 3 if you include my original phone (try to keep up with me...).

Our third experience at the apple store was a negative one for us. The folks at apple were still quite nice. It was just that we were exhausted because we had spent the entire weekend in Orlando on vacation. The last thing we wanted was to have to stop at a store to deal with the whole exchange process (which lasts about an hour, in case you've never had to do it). The third phone would not rotate. I noticed this as I was about to take a picture of my handsome hubby. This time we decided to be rebellious and stop without at appointment at a different store than we are used too. Sure enough, they saw that the phone did not rotate screens (from vertical to horizontal or vice-versa). They issued me phone number four.

Let me just say that, if you are feeling desperate just by reading this... imagine how I was feeling... anyway the last phone I got would not work when switched to silent, it just kept ringing. It was horribly embarassing every time my phone would ring, beep, click, AT WORK! So we took it back for the 100th time (have you been keeping up? Because I lost count!) This time... very nicely... I asked them to give me a new phone because I was NOT about to keep loosing time, work, gas and patience on refurbished phones. I even got tough and asked that "because of my inconvenience" I wanted a WHITE iphone. A NEW white iphone!!! They said they couldn't promise me a white phone... but they did promise me a NEW phone. No more refurbished drama! YAY!!!

So today I received a phone call... my new phone was available. Listen up everybody let me present to you... Gardenia... My new WHITE iPhone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So now you know... technology is great... but sometimes it's not perfect. I do have to say Thank you to the nice people at Apple... they were able and willing to work with me throughout this whole ordeal. I would whole-heartedly recommend this company and its little geniuses to everyone!

Tired(full)y yours,

Mrs. Pink

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