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Friday, July 1, 2011

Work & People Watching

It’s amazing how different people have different personalities. I work in the mental health field and you would think that we were all similar or at least in touch with the same things, yet we are not. I only go to the office about once a week and when I do, boy do I get a kick out of my visit. It’s amazing how different people can be. I truly enjoy my office days because I get a glimpse into the lives of these fabulous individuals.
I love to people watch and let me tell you there is no better place to people watch than at your office. I ask myself questions like: “I wonder if she is as unhappy at home as she is at work?” or “Is that person really always in a good mood?” I have always been a wonderer… a bit of an investigator. I like to find out things. There is nothing I love more than to find out what’s in your purse. I love looking inside people’s homes (if their blinds are open of course) as I pass them on my neighborhood walks. I am fascinated by the lives that people lead.  
I guess this fascination with people may have been the reason why I became a clinician. It’s so interesting to look into the human being and explore why they do the things they do. Is it because of something that they are going through? Is their environment causing their happiness or sadness? Why do some people place more importance into certain things and not others?
On days like today I am so thankful to all of my amazing professors for teaching me how to read these wonderful creatures that we share the planet with. I am proud of myself for choosing the profession that I chose. On a day like today I am so happy to be alive.

(The formatting on this post may be a bit odd, I'm not good with electronics, and I'm using the hubby's iPad).

Happily yours,
Mrs. Pink

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