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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Organization chaos!

Hi lovely people,
I have been missing in action lately due to a very important task I have involved myself in. One nice, comfortable, lazy afternoon I was getting a lot done (more like laying on the couch) when I looked around and saw that my (very tiny) home was starting to feel a wee bit crowded.
One of my biggest phobias is becoming one of the people featured on the tv show hoarders (no offense to the people in that tv show, I am just a bit afraid of drowning in my own stuff). I guess I should preface by stating that the husband and I live in a small townhome in a pretty big city. Our city does not have basements or attics. What you see... is what you get. This can be very unfortunate... especially when you live with a man who loves shoes.
I looked over at Mr. Pink (that is so not his name and he is so not gonna like this new nickname) and said to him... we have to do something. So we did. Mr. Pink put the tv on the wall, which freed a lot of space. We are now using our entertainment center to store movies and where the tv was laying we are able to display beautiful family photos. We also decided that we would get rid of "stuff" we have collected in the last decade.
Our second job was to get rid of a bunch of boxes that were lining the bottom of both our closets. Those boxes were filled with bills, papers, memories... just stuff we had hoarded throughout the years. Mr. Pink brought home his professional shredder and we went to town. We started saturday...

12 boxes later... We are STILL not done! It's funny though, because now that we started... ain't nothing gonna stop us (that's my fighter language!).
So now that you know what I have been up to... I must go... box number 13 awaits... hopefully I don't drown in all this paperwork!

Organizationally yours,
Mrs. Pink.

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  1. I love organization. Because I have been in school for the past four years (oh gosh it seems like its been longer than that), home organization has taken a back seat. I have a paper to finish and then I am off for about six weeks. I am so hoping that I can get to some organization. I just have to remember, small bites, small steps, one at a time or I'll become overwhelmed with the task(s) in front of me.

    I'm proud of you for getting to this. I hadn't thought about not becoming one of those hoarders, but I do think, "What would happen if someone had to come into my house to save me?" hahahaha I also clean my toilets when there are bad storms on the way. Weird I know but hey if they house blows away, when they find the toilets they are going to be clean!! =>