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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Feather Trend!

Feathers! Feathers! Everywhere! Have you noticed that everywhere you turn there's someone sporting some sort of feather accessory?

I started wearing the feather trend quite some time ago. I sported a beautiful pink piece at my graduation. Then I wore a chocolate brown piece to my birthday party and I even wore feathers at a wedding. Most recently I have been sporting the above pictured look... with just the right  amount of feathers peaking out of my hair.

In order to show you the many different ways I have sported this trend I have to go back a few different hairstyles. Some where good looks for me... others... well... you live and you learn!

At first it was those beautiful clip-ons that went on top of your head like this one...

Many times the feather trend got a little over the top... like this time....

I celebrated my graduation with this gorgeous headpiece (my favorite!)

And I also completely lost my mind and sported THIS look.

While I had TONS of fun playing around with this NOW trendy look I am keeping it completely simple while the trend is going on. You see, I try not to follow trends too much. I kinda go around beating to the tune of my own drum. I wait for things to go out of style before I start wearing them. Or I sport crazy ideas before they even become popular and once they do (like feathers are now) I downplay their existence in my life. LOL. After all, being unique is what makes us who we are. :)

So, if you have never rocked the feather trend I would suggest that you do. It's fun. It's whimsical. It's different. Enjoy!

Fabulously Yours,

Mrs. Pink 

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