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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Disorganized Thoughts.

So here I am today. I prepped the my ideas for the blog at work so that I could actually get a post out and what has happened every other day this week would not happen again. I am DETERMINED to post as often as possible. (Having said that this post was supposed to go out Wednesday and I never got around to it so I am editing it today, Thursday, and posting it.)
This week has been really strange. I had to go into the office and that threw me out of my normal loop. My job consists of being on the road everyday except for Thursdays so the fact that I am inside our office building for a whole week feels weird. To top it all off I was randomly selected to do a drug-test. What a horrible feeling. It’s funny because, obviously, I don’t do drugs, in fact I have never ever touched a drug, yet somehow I still get nervous when I have to go for those random tests. I worry that the lab is going to mix up my results with someone else and that I might get in trouble for something I did not do (paranoid much??????). I’m hoping now that all of it is almost over I can begin to relax and not worry so much. But I won’t breathe a sigh of relief until I get the all clearance from my job. I know. I’m silly.
In others (completely UNRELATED) news, I met a bloggy friend yesterday. I think it’s so cool when you meet people you have been friends with for quite some time. I am such a shy person to begin with and even though I kept saying to myself “you know her already” it was still a little nerve-wracking. I know. I’m silly.
Anyway I hope my bloggy friend gets the job that she applied for!
Oh! The hubby and I booked a mini-vacation a few days ago that I CANNOT wait for. We are going to Disney World! Yes, we have been there before, yes it’s relatively close to where I live, yet somehow I always get super excited about our little road-trips to the Mouse House.
I guess this is it for today. How do you like my disorganized thought process? These types of things are what go on in my head all the time. I know. I’m silly. :-)
Fabulously Yours,
Mrs. Pink. 

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  1. Hi, thanks for following me on Twitter. I found your blog through there. My thoughts are usually all over the place too. It makes writing papers rather interesting, especially when I'm not supposed to give my opinion. That is very hard for me.

    I get nervous when I take drug tests too. I'm always worried that something I ate is going to effect it. Or that my asthma meds are going to show up as something they aren't.

    Again, thanks for following me.