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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A little blog crazy?

Ok so clearly I've gone crazy. I don't think I have ever blogged three times in one day. Obviously the fact that L is taking a super long nap totally is helping. However it's funny that I am inspired to write. I miss that about myself. I loooooove writing. I love spilling my beans, I love sharing. I think it has to do with the fact that I am an only child and always crave having someone to socialize with.

I have to say though that I haven't lost that inspiration to write. I just haven't really had the time. My writing consists of updating a baby book or a facebook status about what my cutie is doing today. I've been so busy pouring all my love over baby L that I don't have time for anything else. No, really, I have no time. The last pedicure I got was over 9 months ago. (Don't fret, I do at home ones in the middle of the night... my feet don't look like those of a zombie).

I recently printed my previous blog into a book and received it in the mail. Flipping through that book made me realize that I really enjoy documenting our memories. That book is full of wonderful memories of the first few years of my marriage. I can't wait to print many more books with many more memories.

Ok so now I'm going to do a recollection of what I've been really enjoying lately so that when I am flipping through that book in the future I can remember how wonderful my life is/was. :-)

- I have discovered youtube videos. Oh my goodness my eyes are glued to these videos. It's crazy how interesting they all are. People are doing reality shows on there. Makes me want to start videotaping myself. If only I was good at editing. Anyone know of any good editing softwares? Easy ones please!

- I love shopping for baby boy clothes. I thought I would always be drawn to girlie clothes but there are so many possibilities for baby clothes. You can make them intellectual-looking, rugged, sporty, classical. And then you add an adorable hat and your heart melts.

- I still love shopping for myself. There isn't a baby store or a baby department that I don't enter... However... I still enjoy finding great makeup or accessories. Mama still needs to be styling.

- I miss the movies. I use to hate going to the movies. I think part of it is because I have ADHD and I don't like to sit in one room longer that I have to. I don't like being confined and unable to pause and go do something else. However I miss our dinner and a movie dates. The hubby and I use to love our routine of going out on dates. These days those dinner dates still happen but there are sippy cups and quite a few diapers changes involved.

- I've been enjoying spending more time at home.

- I've been enjoying decorating our new home (I have to blog about our move! We don't live in the tiny townhome anymore!).

Ok my tiny boss is calling. Gots to go.

Have a great day webbie friends!


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